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  • Need to help reverse entrenched Austin “car culture” by increasing commuter and event-goer ridership of 801 & 803 MetroRapid bus lines. 
  • Cheaper gas prices have led to declining overall CapMetro ridership in the last few years.
  • Transportation alternatives like Uber and Lyft also compete for riders (particularly for events).
  • Potential riders perceive the stigma that buses aren't for "people like them," especially along the socio-economic and demographically diverse North-South routes of the 801 & 803.  


  • An extremely limited budget—in an expensive media market—left little dollars for creative production (beyond labor hours).  


  • Hold a mirror to Austinites' faces by showcasing real riders of public transit from the Austin Collective photo portrait series originally commissioned by CapMetro, and rebranded for our campaign.
  • Reframe existing behavior by demonstrating how MetroRapid riders "just like you" currently benefit from bus service enhancements. 
  • Geo-target a narrow ¼ mile corridor surrounding the routes with bus sides, English and Spanish radio, digital banner ads, event support, UT athletic sponsorship assets and social media ads. 
  • Hyper-target Google AdWords, paid search and Snapchat filters. 


  • Digital banner ads currently exceed 3-4 times national average click through rates.
  • Preliminary results show a 40% weekday ridership increase since campaign launch.
  • Weekend ridership had an increase of 89%