How We Think

Action inspires perception, not the other way around.

Traditional advertising assumes perception drives awareness, and awareness drives conversions. We disagree. To affect behavior change, we reach people who are motivated to act. Motivation is essential in changing behavior through mass media. When people are compelled to act, they are open to change.

Primary research helps us delve into the audiences we need to influence, and identify their most action-prone segments. Leveraging these cultural insights, we then create experiences to ultimately change behavior.


The Hispanic Millennial Project

Proprietary Research

The HMP is an innovative research initiative on U.S. Hispanic millennials. Our research looks at Hispanic millennials in comparison to non-Hispanic millennials as well as their older Hispanic (35+) counterparts.

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Feb 26

How Cross-Cultural Is Your Brand?

By Jose Villa

What does it mean to be cross-cultural? The broadest definition from defines the term as an adjective: combining, pertaining to, or contrasting two or more cultures or cultural groups.


Sep 22

Hispanic Facts in 2017

By Jose Villa

The annual Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack just came out and it provides an interesting snapshot of the Hispanic market in the U.S. Aside from celebrating the best Hispanic advertising work and the top players in the industry, there are always thought-provoking nuggets of data that provide deeper insights into trends in the Hispanic marketplace.

Jul 28

The “Trump/Total Market” Hispanic Slump

By Jose Villa

We’re halfway into 2017 and the Hispanic marketing industry is in a funk. Everyone I talk to, from Hispanic agency principals to Spanish-language media executives keep telling me the same thing — the rest of the economy may be humming, but spending on Hispanic marketing is stagnant. Some anecdotal indicators I’m hearing this year: